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Pacific Hail + Happy Birthday

This video performance was created for the University of the Pacific President Emeritus, Donald DeRosa, in honor of his birthday. It consisted of combining UOP's alma mater song, “Pacific Hail,” with the well-known “Happy Birthday” song. The video was featured in the Leading Voices series, presented by the Pacific Alumni Association and President Christopher Callahan.

Sound Editor & Mixer: Sami Fong

Video Editor: Sami Fong
Music Director: Yejee Choi

Arranger: Yejee Choi
Vocalists: Pacific Singers (UOP Conservatory of Music Choir)
Instrumentalists: Hyejun Lee, Arturo Garcia, and Aaron Leonard

Don DeRosa

View "Pacific Hail + Happy Birthday" on the Pacific Conservatory of Music's Facebook & follow their page:

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